$160,000 - $200,000
New York
Full Time

Our Client provides Construction services such as General Contracting, Construction Management, and Real Estate development services.

The Superintendent has overall on-site responsibility for constructing the project to quality standards and within schedule and budget goals.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Thoroughly review all project plans, contract documents, and work scopes for constructability, dimensional issues, and coordination issues. Advise Project Manager of any issues.
  • Review site logistics plan prior to start of work and advise if any issues.
  • Work with Project Manager and Safety Team to set up field office, identify all items required. • Supervise all other on-site personnel if applicable, including Assistant Supers, MEP Supers, Finish Supers, and Site Safety/Fire Safety Managers. Lead Superintendent is to regularly review their work plans and to monitor to ensure that it is being carried out correctly.
  • Review all submittals prior to installation of work and advise PM if any problems. • Super is to develop plan of all benchmarks, axis lines, foundation stakes, and other control points needed. Periodically double-check and verify that control is set correctly, maintained, are properly transferred, and accurately utilized by trades.
  • Have subcontractors construct mock-ups as needed prior to start of work. Review and maintain standards set, and ensure materials and equipment used are correct.
  • Conduct daily inspections of the work and complete project Quality Control checklists as identified with the project team at the start of the job.
  • Enforce the orderly and coordinated completion of work resulting in minimal to no comebacks or punch list.
  • Inspect premises at completion and issue punch lists. Follow up with trades to ensure completion.
  • Conduct weekly meetings with trade foremen.
  • Ensure compliance with project schedule at all times.
  • Review overall baseline project schedule with Project Manager and advise of any potential issues or discrepancies. Create with Project Manager Major milestone dates and track progress.
  • Mobilize all subcontractors in advance of when they are needed on the job. Assure that all job conditions are ready for them to start when needed without delay.
  • Advise all trades on site of milestones and advise PM of any reason that they may not be met.
  • Prepare 2 week schedule look aheads and review with trade foremen at weekly meetings.
  • Advise PM of any manpower, material or equipment delivery issues which cannot be corrected through communication with field foremen.
  • Review field work order tickets from subs when required, and sign only if description of work and time is completely accurate. Super is to carefully review contract scope requirements prior to signing and advise foremen if work in question appears to be included.
  • Prepare daily reports.
  • Monitor safety compliance on jobsite.
  • Arrange for labor, tools, equipment, and other supplies needed to perform General Conditions work or other items as determined by project team.
  • Prepare timesheets for all Monadnock labor, if applicable, and other on-site staff. Manage workforce efficiently to render jobsite safe and clean, and to assure all areas are ready for trades to perform their work as scheduled.
  • Perform other duties as may be requested, including but not limited to participating in preplanning for future jobs, conducting evaluations of trade performance, completing project close-out reports, and overseeing completion of post-occupancy repair work.
  • The Lead Superintendent on a job is the primary person responsible for all activity by trades and Monadnock personnel on site, and for the completion of the work per Monadnock quality standards and per schedule. As such, Superintendent is to be on site at all times when work is going on.


  • 7-10 year’s experience running ground up construction projects in NYC. Multifamily experience strongly preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree in construction management or related field preferred.